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50 Años de Ciclismo y Conservación

EN     ES Otro ganador del Top 100: cada año, Green Destinations organiza el concurso Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories, que invita a presentar propuestas de todo el mundo: una colección de historias que destacan destinos locales y regionales que están avanzando hacia la gestión sostenible del turismo y sus impactos.

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50 Years of Cycling and Conservation

EN     ES Another winner from the Top 100 – Every year, Green Destinations organizes the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories competition, which invites submissions from around the world – a vetted collection of stories spotlighting local and regional destinations that are making progress toward sustainable management of tourism and its

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Doing It Better: Big Bay, Michigan

Take a look at how a low-population, outdoorsy locale – Big Bay, Michigan, USA – goes about convening a destination stewardship council after the extractive industries it once depended on have wound down.

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Destination Stewardship Report
Tiffany Chan

Doing It Better: Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

On a long, skinny Icelandic peninsula, five small municipalities have teamed up to create a modest destination stewardship council and supporting network. Tiffany Chan explores the Snæfellsnes model of sustainable collaboration – a work in progress that has already earned a platinum sustainability rating. The eighth in our series on destination stewardship councils.

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Saving a Wisconsin Trout Stream

[Above: Shooting in Wisconsin’s “Kinni.” Photo: Erika Gilsdorf] Kinnickinnic River, Wisconsin – Our original concept video (featuring the same young hosts as in Sierra Gorda) takes a look at a success story in rural and notes-rural Wisconsin. Shot off-season in November, young travelers have fun while learning about the rescue an

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Contrasting Tourism Landscapes in Karnataka, India

The pandemic exposed the dangers of ‘tourism monocultures’ – dependence on one product only – versus a more holistic approach to tourism fare. Gayathri Hegde has been researching the differing tourism experiences of Dandeli and Joida, neighboring towns in Karnataka, southwestern India. River Rafting Alone Does Not a Destination Make

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Sierra Gorda To Lead New Video Series

Our First “World’s Inspiring Places,” a Short-Form Travel Documentary: Producer Erika Gilsdorf explains what inspired HER to launch this video series, focused on great stewardship of destinations.

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Grassroots Geotourism

A restaurant owner in southwestern Missouri demonstrates why the key to a successful geotourism project in the countryside is a local champion willing to be the catalyst for change. A university geotourism class helps, too.

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Cambodian Conservation Hero Honored

A courageous Cambodian has risked all to help save the country’s rainforests and ecotourism business from illegal logging. He just won one of the world’s six Goldman Environmental Prizes. Veteran Cambodia journalist Elizabeth Becker reports.

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