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University & College programs:

  • Aalborg University (Copenhagen, Denmark) offers a MA in Tourism, with focus on tourism and innovation, cultural encounters, consumption, sustainability, policy and governance, and market communication and destination branding.
  • Arizona State University (USA) has an online master’s program in Sustainable Tourism, where students learn about the environmental, social, and economic aspects of travel. The University also has a Center for Sustainable Tourism that provides community engagement and research. ASU also offers an online Sustainable Tourism Graduate Certificate.
  • Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) offers a BA in Global Tourism, with courses focusing on global issues, sustainability, ethics, cultures of the world, natural areas, the responsible tourist, sustainable destinations, well-being, innovation in entrepreneurship, and challenges.
  • Brock University (Ontario, Canada), through the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies, offers a specialized BA in Tourism and Environment and a BA in Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream, that combine knowledge of environmental issues and sustainability with an in-depth understanding of sustainable tourism management. The department also offers a minor in Tourism Studies that can be added to any major.
  • Bournemouth University (England) offers a BA (Hons) in Tourism ManagementMSc in Tourism Management, BA (Hons) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management, and MSc in Tourism Marketing Management, with opportunities to specialize in cultural, natural, and other types of sustainably minded tourism.
  • California State University’s College of Business (Monterey Bay, CA, USA) offers a BS in Sustainable Hospitality Management with concentrations in Sustainable Hotel, Resort and Event Management or Sustainable Ecotourism Management.
  • Campus Fondo Verde (based in Peru) is an online campus with a Division of International Education and offers a wide variety of courses, undergraduate, and postgraduate studies in sustainable tourism, ecotourism, management, social responsibility, environment, among others.
  • Capilano University (British Columbia, Canada) has a School of Tourism Management with several types of undergraduate and certificate degrees, which include emphases in sustainability, community engagement, global consciousness, and engaged and experiential learning.
  • Centennial College (Ontario, Canada), through its School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, offers post-secondary programs in Tourism and in Hospitality & Tourism Administration, as well as a post-diploma program in Food Tourism.
  • East Carolina University (North Carolina, USA), through its College of Business’ School of Hospitality Leadership, offers an interdisciplinary MS in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality and a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Tourism.
  • Eastern Michigan University (USA), through the Department of Geography & Geology, offers a BS in Geotourism and Historic Preservation and a Geotourism minor.
  • Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland) offers several distance-learning, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs in the areas of Tourism, Hospitality, Festival, & Events Management, which include MS in International Tourism Destination Management, MS in International Heritage & Cultural Tourism Management, and MBA in Hospitality & Tourism Management.
  • George Mason University (Virginia, USA) offers a BS and minor in Tourism and Events Management through the School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management.
  • The George Washington University (Washington, DC, USA) offers a MS in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management through the School of Business, with a concentration available in Sustainable Tourism Management, and a professional certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management. The associated International Institute for Tourism Studies performs research.
  • Leeds Beckett University (England) offers postgraduate certification, postgraduate diploma, and MSc programs in Responsible Tourism Management, through the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Michigan State University (USA) has two master’s and a PhD program in Sustainable Tourism and Protected Area Management (STPAM).
  • Missouri State University (USA) offers a minor in Sustainable Tourism Development through the Department of Geography, Geology and Planning.
  • Monash University (Victoria, Australia) offers a graduate certificate and a Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management.
  • Mount Royal University (Alberta, Canada) offers a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education – Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership.
  • New York University (USA), through the Tisch Center of Hospitality, offers a BS in Hotel and Tourism Management and a MS in Travel and Tourism Management, both with integrated studies of sustainability and ecotourism.
  • Polytechnic of Leiria (Portugal), through the School of Tourism and Maritime Technology, offers a blended online and in-person Master in Sustainable Tourism Management, broken up into two blocks – theoretical and applied research work.
  • San Diego State University (California, USA) offers a Sustainable Tourism Management Certificate program with Level 1 and Level 2 options.
  • Sustainability Management School (Switzerland), through its Business School, offers BBA, MBA, and master’s programs in Sustainable Tourism Management, with online options.
  • Toronto Metropolitan University (previously Ryerson University, Ontario, Canada) operates the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Research, focusing on sustainable tourism, strategic management, indigenous tourism, and destination marketing and management.
  • University of Central Florida (USA), through the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, offers an online certificate in Destination Marketing and Management, with an emphasis in economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impacts of tourist development at destinations. Master’s and PhD programs in hospitality and tourism are also offered.
  • University of Florida (USA), through the College of Health & Human Performance, offers a MS in Tourism & Hospitality Management, with professional development and research track options. Focus areas include tourism, tourism analytics, natural resource recreation, destination development and crisis management, or a custom degree plan. A graduate interdisciplinary certificate can also be earned through an approved collection of courses. Also offered is an Online Master of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management, which explores business resilience and the social and environmental impacts of tourism.
  • University of North Texas (USA) has a master’s program in International Sustainable Tourism, through the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism.
  • University of Otago (New Zealand), through the Department of Tourism, offers a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Tourism (BCom in Tourism), a Master of Commerce (MCom) in Tourism, a Master of Tourism (MTour), and graduate and postgraduate diplomas in tourism. Ecotourism and sustainable development, destination management, cultural and heritage tourism, etc. are all offered subjects. A minor in tourism is also offered.
  • University of Québec at Montréal (Canada), offers a Master in Tourism Development Program through the School of Business, along with undergraduate and distance-learning programs in French covering sustainable destination development.
  • University of Surrey (England) offers a MSc in International Tourism Management.
  • University of South Florida (USA), through the Patel College of Global Sustainability, offers a MA with a concentration in Sustainable Tourism. The program focuses specifically on issues related to cultural and heritage tourism, marine tourism, agritourism, and transitioning tourism to sustainable practices – all relevant to Florida. The university also offers a two-year Sustainable Tourism Certificate online and in person.
  • University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), offers BA, MA, and PhD programs through the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, with tourism and sustainable development study options.
  • Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands) offers a MSc in Tourism, Society and Environment with four optional trajectories of Development, Natural Resources, Global Change and Experiences. The university also offers a self-paced Professional Certificate in Tourism in Transition: Exploring a Sustainable Future encompassing three courses: Sustainable Tourism: Society & Environmental Aspects; Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the Future; and Tourism and Climate Change.
  • Wakayama University (Japan) has a Graduate School of Tourism which offers a master’s and a PhD in Tourism. The master’s program includes studies in three main areas: Tourism Management, Regional Revitalisation, and Tourism & Culture. These areas are also taught as courses in the Faculty of Tourism. The PhD program seeks to further research and innovation in the context of Japan.
  • Westminster University (England) offers a BA in Tourism with Business, BA in Tourism Planning and Management, BA in Tourism and Events Management, and a Masters in Tourism Management. The university also features a Place and Experience Research Group.
  • Western Sydney University (Australia) offers a Bachelor of Tourism and Event Management, within which students can choose from six majors: Festival and Event Management; Heritage and Tourism; Marketing; Place Management and Planning; Sport, Events and Tourism; and Sustainability, Tourism & Environment. Students can choose from three minors, including Heritage and Tourism, Marketing, and Sustainable Tourism Futures, the last of which is a pathway to a Master of Sustainable Tourism and Heritage.

Research Groups:

Short Courses & Trainings:

  • Biosphere Tourism offers various certifications, including a Biosphere Training Program with courses backed by the experience of the Responsible Tourism Institute. Courses are offered in both English and Spanish.
  • The Colorado State University’s Center for Protected Area Management (CPAM) and the U.S. Forest Service International Programs Office offer a 16-month Sustainable Tourism Community of Learning and Practice that is ideal for participants who work in governmental or NGO conservation and tourism organizations, academia, private sector, and community-based and indigenous tourism and conservation initiatives in or near protected areas. Sponsorship funding is available.
  • The Global Sustainable Tourism Council offers a GSTC Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism with online or in-person options. The course familiarizes participants with the GSTC’s global standard for sustainable tourism and prepares them to make informed decisions about sustainable tourism policy and implementation within a company or destination. There are also training courses for sustainable business travel, sustainable hotels, applied DEI, accessibility and inclusivity, and private or custom trainings.
  • IHE Delft offers wide range of short, intensive, and highly specialized courses which are aimed at upgrading and refreshing the knowledge and skills of mid-career professional and senior experts. While not specifically about tourism, the focus and content of short courses vary from specialized and technical matters to challenges and approaches in management very relevant for tourism.
  • Madrid’s Complutense University offers an online course on Sustainable Tourism and Green Jobs with a focus on Tourism and Sustainable Development; Tourism and Environment; Tourism, Culture and Society; Tourism and Socioeconomic Development; and Employment Sites in the Green Economy. The course is in Spanish.
  • RISE Travel Institute offers online educational programs for college students, tourism professionals, and travelers. The 10-week online Flagship Program is a certification course exploring critical aspects of sustainable travel with topics such as inclusivity, power, decolonization, biodiversity, animals in tourism, voluntourism, and indigenous tourism. After successfully completing the program and a capstone project, students receive a Certificate in Sustainability and Anti-Oppression in Travel. Various short-courses on sustainable travel and destinations are also offered.
  • SDGAcademyX creates and curates graduate-level courses on sustainable development for learners around the world. Courses are related to Climate Change, Oceans, Sustainability, Water Management, etc., and their duration ranges from 4 to 10 weeks. While not tourism-specific, the in-depth topics can provide vital knowledge to issues and approaches underpinning tourism.
  • The Sustainability Academy, offered by the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), offers affordable specialized online education and coaching in the areas of Sustainability, Climate Change, Circular Economy, and Corporate Responsibility.
  • TrainingAid is an international tourism training company specialized in sustainable tourism. It offers online and in-person courses focusing on practical and accessible skills development opportunities for travel and tourism industry professionals. The main topic themes include destination stewardship, sustainable business strategy, and sustainable development. Custom training programs are also offered for organizations and destinations.
  • The Transformational Travel Council offers workshops, programs, trainings, educational videos, and more to support travel industry and travelers in the evolution to a transformation economy, encouraging “a mindset, approach, and model that measures success based on more holistic, conscious, and virtuous outcomes.”
  • The Travel Foundation offers engaging, visual, and practical online sustainable tourism training for stakeholders across the travel industry. Three types of courses are offered: free, partner, and sponsored.
  • The UNWTO’s Tourism Online Academy offers various courses for destinations and the travel industry in various languages, through partnerships with universities around the world. The organization also has a YouTube channel called Academy Webinars with discussions on sustainability, statistics, wine tourism, SDGs, among others.
  • Through the FutureLearn platform, University of East Anglia offers various free online tourism-related courses in partnership with universities and organizations around the world. There are courses offered on placemaking, cultural heritage and tourism management, research methods, artificial intelligence, justice in environment management, and more.


  • Through an online toolkit, the Future of Tourism Coalition offers various webinars and resources on stewardship, metrics, supply chains, and climate (free toolkit registration required for access).
  • World Travel Market offers webinars related to several topics such as destination strategy, how to adapt to change quickly, tourism opportunities in a post-viral world, etc.
  • The World Travel & Tourism Council offers webinars on a wide variety of global tourism topics and for various locations.

Publications—Journals & Research

The following peer-reviewed journals touch upon destination stewardship. Via these links, brief overviews of journal contents are available for free, as well as the option to download full articles for a fee:

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