Stewardship Resources

Managing Destinations

If tourism and the businesses dedicated to it represent the demand side of the tourism phenomenon, then the destination itself  represents the supply side. That’s not the customary way of thinking, but it’s as real as the view outside a country inn or the street life beyond a hotel lobby. 

That calls for holistic stewardship. This section’s subpages provide different aspects and perspectives needed to make such stewardship possible:

  • Communities—resources for civil society, citizens, and governments, including community tool kits
  • Valuing Sense of Place—monetary and emotional value of distinctiveness, the tools of  advocacy
  • Physical destination appeal —aesthetics, landscapes, streetscapes, overall charm
  • Architecture and Placemaking—design of spaces, from a single building or city park up to an entire region, emphasizing the impact they have on civic engagement, tourism management, and character of place.
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