Stewardship Resources

Managing Tourism

Communities and countries need ways to manage tourism wisely. These links may provide practical stewardship- and tourism-related assistance for governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs, lodging managers, economic development workers, tour operators, etc.. Below you’ll find sections on:

  • General Tourism Management
  • Recreational Tourism
  • Coastal Tourism
  • Coping with Cruise Ships

Separate subdirectories list these resources:

Help with General Tourism Management

Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) CAST is a subsidiary of the Caribbean Hotel Association, with members from private, government, scientific, and conservation organizations. It helps Caribbean travel businesses manage environmental resources in a sustainable way. The site lists programs, publications, and assistance available through CAST. The Island Resources Foundation runs an online discussion group for CAST. Public archive.

Destination Marketing Association International provides help for destination management organizations (DMOs), most notably via the DestinatonNEXT program for a more holistic approach to tourism management and development. Note especially the Book of Best Practices.

Sustainable Travel International  This nonprofit seeks to “chart a new course for travel and tourism — one that leads to a healthier environment, greater economic opportunity, social justice and the protection of natural and cultural resources.” Special emphasis on climate change. Founding member, Future of Tourism Coalition.

The Tourism Society U.K. networking membership organization that provides and searchable database of consultants.

Tourism Watch Established by the German Protestant Church, this nonprofit offers training programs and solidarity initiatives pertaining to “Third World” tourism. Quarterly magazines, seminars, research, and reports (German and English).

Travel Foundation “An international sustainable tourism organisation dedicated to ensuring that tourism has a positive impact on destinations.” Seeks to ensure that destination communities benefit from tourism, giving residents a stronger voice in tourism management and supporting changing climate adaptation and mitigation. Founding member, Future of Tourism Coalition.

Travel Mole Travel industry news with a section on sustainable travel. Free access, short registration form.

World Hotel Link Group These companies empower local partners who have practice in experiential and mindful travel, and a local’s knack for identifying, explaining and sustaining the distinctive qualities of a place.

Help with Recreational Tourism

Sustainable Golf Courses.(pdf) Jeff Brewster, Total Golf Construction. Design and creation of courses that meet sustainability standards; sustainability certification by Golf Course Builders Association of America.

Help with Coastal Tourism

Sustainable Coasts: The Geotourism Approach. (pdf) Jonathan Tourtellot. How tourism locations can ensure that they have a distinct local feel, and how to use geotourism principles to keep a destination’s marketing position unique.

Marinas: Social Sustainability. (pdf) Esteban Biondi, Applied Technology & Management    Marina planning so as to align guest experiences with social sustainability. Case studies in Puerto Los Cabos (Mexico), Puerto Limon (Costa Rica), Zighy Bay (Oman), and more.

Coping with Cruise Ships

Harboring Tourism (pdf) —Detailed report stemming from a Charleston, SC conference sponsored by the World Monuments Fund that raises issues  on cruise impacts in heritage port towns.

Cruise Tourism’s Economic Impact in the Caribbean. (pdf) Fritz Pinnock, Caribbean Maritime Institute. Economic figures document and challenge assumptions about economic benefits of cruise tourism; challenges to heritage port communities.

International Centre for Cruise Research  Sponsored by cruise gadfly Ross Klein. A source of information and publications that are not promoted or sponsored by the cruise industry.

Royal Caribbean Framework for Sustainable Tourism. (pdf) Miguel Pena, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., makes RCL’s case for its sustainability standards in regards to shore excursions, destination sustainability, and private destinations.

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