Gastronomy and Agritourism

Gastronomy These links provide resources for enhancing the interaction between tourism and the distinctive food, drink, and agricultural products of the locale.

“Food tourism has gained increasing attention over the past years. Tourists are attracted to local produce and many destinations are centering their product development and marketing accordingly. With food so deeply connected to its origin, this focus allows destinations to market themselves as truly unique, appealing to those travelers who look to feel a part of their destination through its flavours.” ~ the UNWTO Global Report on Food Tourism 2012.

Links to pertinent blog posts

Business & Marketing
American Culinary Traveler Study  (U.S.) Mandala Research report defines culinary traveler profiles. Details include activities, motivators, behaviors, types of culinary traveler, trip related data, spending, information source used of trip planning and booking, and social media usage.

Edible Communities –  (North America) Publisher of a series of locale-based food-focused magazines. A good source for current trends, identifying potential partners and publicity.

Good Food Jobs Post or seek food tourism jobs; find inspiration in profile features.

How to Get Started in Culinary Tourism – A Resource Guide for Farmers Massachusetts (U.S.) Department of Agriculture toolkit for farmers expanding into culinary tourism—a model.

How Instagram is Boosting Food Tourism (Global) A quick look at how social media is shaping culinary destinations complete with helpful infographics.

Ontario Culinary Tourism Strategy (Canada) A culinary tourism development model.

The Rise of Food Tourism The evolution of food tourism in destinations and events, share how DMOs are engaging their stakeholders to develop local food communities, and identify best practices for developing food tourism products.

World Food Tourism Association (Global) Nonprofit offering education and networking resources to develop food tourism.

Sustainable Gastronomy and Agritourism
Agritourism Linkages Benefiting Communities (pdf) (Caribbean) Ena Harvey, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture. How the growth of the “foodie” market can link with local community agritourism, and how to ensure that communities are accurately represented and benefiting.

Food Tank (Global) provides timely news on a wide range of food issues: focused on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. The first step to sustainable food tourism is a sustainable food system.

Slow Food (Global) The international “Slow Food” movement formed to combat fast-food globalization by promoting traditional cuisines and ways of life. The site’s “Slow Food Editore” section specializes in tourism, food, and wine. (English, Italian, and French.) More than 1,5000 convivia around the world help create connections to authentic local food resources. Ark of Taste catalogs endangered foods representing place.

UNWTO World Food Tourism Report (Global) An examination of initiatives in food tourism, including policies and implications of gastronomy in the development of tourism destinations and global trends, with case studies.

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