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The term “geotraveler” derives from the definition of the geotourism approach, as put forth via National Geographic: “Travel that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.”

Are you a geotraveler? It’s simple. Whether traveling for fun, work, or pure relaxation, geotravelers are sincerely interested in the places they are visiting.

  • If you enjoy learning about local culture, flora and fauna, history, food and drink, then you are a geotraveler.
  • If you care about your own impact on the place you’re visiting, then you are a geotraveler.
  • If you want to get out of the tourist bubble and learn a bit about what’s going on under the surface, then you are a geotraveler.
  • If you want to engage directly with the people of the destination, or even volunteer, then you are emphatically a geotraveler.
  • But if you just want to know which businesses to patronize—responsible businesses that enhance sense of place and enliven your visit with memorable experiences—then you are still a geotraveler. How so? Because your wallet is your vote. Spend wisely by supporting the people who support the place, and you’ll do good, have a richer trip, and go home with stories to tell.

This page will lead you to an ever-growing list of geotraveler resources. Contributions welcome. Contact us and send in your ideas. Better yet, propose a blog post.

Resources for Geotravelers

This list is under construction. Make a nomination!

AIA-ATTA “Guide for Tourists” to archaeological sites. Download this informative guide on best practices by the Archaeological Institute of America and Adventure Travel Trade Association. See what archaeological site managers have to contend with.

Anyplace America zoom-in topo/satellite maps come with illustrations of sites to visit. Fun.

Book Different This site provides a way to book hotels and choose destinations according to sustainability ratings, helping out in the process.

Earthwatch Institute Scientific research trips supported by paying volunteers, with many educational and conservation projects geared toward sustainability issues, and a few specifically on tourism impacts.

G Adventures Global adventure tour company that supports sustainable tourism and destination character.

Geotraveler Tips from National Geographic

Green Global Travel is an ecotourism, nature/wildlife conservation & cultural preservation online magazine.

National Geographic Geotourism MapGuide websites show authentic attractions, accommodations, and business supportive of the destination and its sense of place.

Historic hotel resources—to come.

The Nature Conservancy Offers ecotours, primarily U.S.

Outback Geo Adventures Outfitter based in Balranald, NSW, Australia specialising in  tours to Mungo National Park, Willandra Lakes, and Yanga National Park; supports Geotourism Charter principles.

Responsible Travel Justin Francis leads this UK-based service, providing extensive worldwide lists of holidays that in some way make a positive difference at the destination level.

See Turtles Seeks to provide unforgettable experiences that benefit sea turtles and the organizations protecting them.

Sustainable Trips Latin America and Caribbean hotels, tour operators, and other businesses are verified by the Rainforest Alliance, certified by third-party programs, or recommended by reputable organizations.

Tackle Village fishing gear company provides sustainability tips for anglers, including how to dispose of your line so it doesn’t entangle birds.

The Travel Word e-magazine focuses on geotouristic, local, responsible travel worldwide.

Un-Cruise Adventures supports destination character and responsible travel on water-borne trips from Alaska to the Sea of Cortez and Hawaii.

Visa Guide An easy-to-digest overview of the application process and requirements for visas worldwide.

VOLUNTEERING—Want to be a traveler/volunteer? Check out or Resource page on Voluntourism

Wiser World Travel Peggy Lichter’s Colorado-based sustainable-travel agency.

World Hotel Link Uses a network of local travel professionals to connect geo-savvy travelers with off-the-beaten-track hotels, B&Bs, tours, and activities, especially in developing areas.


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