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50 Años de Ciclismo y Conservación

EN     ES Otro ganador del Top 100: cada año, Green Destinations organiza el concurso Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories, que invita a presentar propuestas de todo el mundo: una colección de historias que destacan destinos locales y regionales que están avanzando hacia la gestión sostenible del turismo y sus impactos.

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Durango: Gestión de Destinos en Acción

EN     ES Impulsadas por la era de los viajes post pandemia, las organizaciones turísticas se están alejando de una función singular de marketing de destinos. Algunos han comenzado a incorporar el “cuidado del destino” en planes, funciones e incluso títulos de trabajo. Sarah-Jane Johnson informa sobre cómo ha logrado uno

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50 Years of Cycling and Conservation

EN     ES Another winner from the Top 100 – Every year, Green Destinations organizes the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories competition, which invites submissions from around the world – a vetted collection of stories spotlighting local and regional destinations that are making progress toward sustainable management of tourism and its

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Durango: Destination Stewardship in Action

EN     ES Spurred on by the post-pandemic era of travel, tourism organizations are moving away from a singular function of marketing destinations. Some have begun to incorporate “destination stewardship” into plans, functions, and even job titles. Sarah-Jane Johnson reports on how one of Colorado’s renowned recreational destinations has gone about

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Palau: A Conservation Culture

The Micronesian nation of Palau has been gaining a reputation not only for trail-blazing conservation measures, reports Tiffany Chan, but also for putting the brakes on irresponsible mass tourism. Now they’ve set their sights on carbon neutrality. [Above: The Rock Island archipelago, a major tourism draw for Palau. ] Micronesian Archipelago Leads the

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Overtourism’s Lessons for Tomorrow

“In 2019, over 1.5 billion tourists crossed international borders and tourism’s continued growth seemed assured. However, in 2020, tourism stopped in its tracks. The world went from overtourism to no tourism.” – Kelsey Frenkiel, Program Manager at the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) and co-editor of Overtourism: Lessons for a

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Doing It Better: Sedona, Arizona

Prompted by a restive citizenry and a responsive city council, the DMO for the city of Sedona, in Arizona’s popular Red Rock country, now acts in effect as a destination stewardship council. That’s unusual. For part of our ongoing project to profile places with effective, holistic management, Sarah-Jane Johnson takes a deep dive into Sedona’s story. This is the sixth in the Destination Stewardship Center’s profiles of exemplary places with collaborative destination management in the spirit of GSTC’s Destination Criterion A1.

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