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Rapa Nui: Memorias del Futuro

EN     ES Los niños ven el mundo desde un punto de vista aún más fresco que los turistas que visitan por primera vez un destino. ¿Puede esa perspectiva tan abierta ser útil en la gestión de destinos? Karen Luz Córdova, cofundadora de Cuidadores de Destinos, con sede en Chile, responde

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Community-based tourism
Jonathan Tourtellot

Rapa Nui: Memories of the Future

EN     ES Children see the world from an even fresher standpoint than first-time tourists. Can that wide-open perspective be helpful in destination planning and generational future-proofing?  Karen Luz Córdova, Co-Founder of Chile-based Cuidadores de Destinos, answers with a resounding yes. Here’s how it worked on remote, heavily touristed Rapa Nui (formerly

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Destination Stewardship Report
Tiffany Chan

Doing It Better: Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

On a long, skinny Icelandic peninsula, five small municipalities have teamed up to create a modest destination stewardship council and supporting network. Tiffany Chan explores the Snæfellsnes model of sustainable collaboration – a work in progress that has already earned a platinum sustainability rating. The eighth in our series on destination stewardship councils.

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Rural Tunisians Join to Initiate Restorative Tourism

Every year, Green Destinations organizes the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories competition, which invites submissions from around the world – a vetted collection of stories spotlighting local and regional destinations that are making progress toward sustainable management of tourism and its impacts. This entry, submitted in 2021 from Tunisia, shows

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Achieving Collaboration in Västerbotten – A Swedish Tale 

After the Västerbotten regional tourism authority developed its sustainable tourism initiative, it then faced the hurdle of how to get stakeholders on board. Annika Sandstrom, Region Tourism Chief, explains how they not only overcame this challenge, but also encouraged other destinations in the county to commit to better destination stewardship.  Västerbotten Brings

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Resurrected Matera Faces Overtourism

Inviting Hollywood into your home can backfire badly. Often, a roaring success on the screen may cause instant, irreversible collateral damage to the destination, its culture and citizens. Arild Molstad explores the too-much, too-fast story of Italy’s ancient, now-restored town of Matera.   Once Called “the Shame of Italy,” Matera Grapples with

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