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Philanthropic Investing for Destination Preservation

UPDATE: “Philanthropic investing” helped transform an endangered Ecuadorean mansion into an award-winning hotel. Via the DSC, plans are now afoot for a new project in Cuenca. The invitation is out: We want to match more investors with local entrepreneurs.

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How to CARE for a Place: Lessons from Cape Cod

Creating a philanthropic stewardship organization for Cape Cod was no easy task. Four years and 15 grant projects later, the director of CARE for the Cape and Islands can point to successes, as well as tips on obstacles and opportunities for civic leaders in other destinations.

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Tourism Conflict in the Galápagos

A squabble over gift-shop tourist dollars on Santa Cruz island, Galápagos, is now threatening the renowned, if often troubled, Charles Darwin Research Station and its conservation work. Could better destination stewardship have avoided this?

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U.S. Budget Cuts Are Stunningly Blind

A guide to the sequester for the legitimately baffled. If you thought “sequester,” the American method of government budget-cutting, sounds incredibly stupid, you’re wrong. It’s stupider than that. To achieve the noble goal of reducing federal spending, the sequester that goes into effect at midnight demands blind, across-the-board budget cuts

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