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50 Años de Ciclismo y Conservación

EN     ES Otro ganador del Top 100: cada año, Green Destinations organiza el concurso Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories, que invita a presentar propuestas de todo el mundo: una colección de historias que destacan destinos locales y regionales que están avanzando hacia la gestión sostenible del turismo y sus impactos.

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50 Years of Cycling and Conservation

EN     ES Another winner from the Top 100 – Every year, Green Destinations organizes the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories competition, which invites submissions from around the world – a vetted collection of stories spotlighting local and regional destinations that are making progress toward sustainable management of tourism and its

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Doing It Better: Big Bay, Michigan

Take a look at how a low-population, outdoorsy locale – Big Bay, Michigan, USA – goes about convening a destination stewardship council after the extractive industries it once depended on have wound down.

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Svalbard Overheating

With its coal mines now closing, Norway’s polar archipelago of Svalbard faces a unique set of threats: disrupted tourism, rising temperatures, and increased international vying for arctic control. Yet its extreme location also provides a unique set of opportunities for reviving tourism.

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Cooperation on Jeju Island

Community-based ecotourism tourism: How South Korean villagers came together to establish a social cooperative — bolstering conservation, the local economy, and the social fabric of the village.

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