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Rapa Nui: Memorias del Futuro

EN     ES Los niños ven el mundo desde un punto de vista aún más fresco que los turistas que visitan por primera vez un destino. ¿Puede esa perspectiva tan abierta ser útil en la gestión de destinos? Karen Luz Córdova, cofundadora de Cuidadores de Destinos, con sede en Chile, responde

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Community-based tourism
Jonathan Tourtellot

Rapa Nui: Memories of the Future

EN     ES Children see the world from an even fresher standpoint than first-time tourists. Can that wide-open perspective be helpful in destination planning and generational future-proofing?  Karen Luz Córdova, Co-Founder of Chile-based Cuidadores de Destinos, answers with a resounding yes. Here’s how it worked on remote, heavily touristed Rapa Nui (formerly

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Building a community-centered destination stewardship initiative

Care for communities that make up the fabric of destinations is critical. But how? A destination stewardship approach can help tourism stakeholders – including community members – create their shared future in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way. Samantha Bray, PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo, shares her expertise.

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OPINION: The NY Times’s Selection of Sustainable Destinations

This year, the New York Times Travel section devoted its annual list of recommended destinations to places “where travelers can be part of the solution” – a sustainability first that recognizes the interactions between tourist and destination. How did the Times do? DSR editor Jonathan Tourtellot does a quick review

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Chelenko Opts for All-In Sustainability

Some beautiful destinations are recognized as such with special governmental designations. That may provide an opportunity for a holistic approach to destination management. Fernando Ojeda and Natalia Naranjo describe how the Chelenko Lake area of the Chilean Patagonia has done just that. Chile’s Chelenko Adopts a Structure for Stewardship Chelenko

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Japan’s Journey Toward Sustainability

It’s a tall order for a large country to change its national policy and commit to improving stewardship for hundreds of its tourism destinations, but Japan is taking tentative steps in that direction, spurred on by one young official and a lot of collaborators. GSTC’s Emi Kaiwa reports on how

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A Taiwanese Island Boosts Tourist Capacity – Sustainably

[Above, Turtle Island in profile. Photo: Roi Ariel] For 20 years, ecotourists have been eager to tour a biodiverse volcanic island off the coast of Taiwan. But what happens when both locals and tourists complain about the stringent conservation limits on visitation set by government and academics? Monique Chen explains

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Doing It Better: Columbia Gorge

The Search for Holistic Destination Management In our last DSR issue, we discussed the importance of GSTC Destination Criterion A1, which reads in part: “The destination has an effective organization, department, group, or committee responsible for a coordinated approach to sustainable tourism, . . . for the management of environmental,

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Revising GSTC’s Destination Criteria

Destination Stewardship Report – Summer 2020  The GSTC Destination Criteria (GSTC-D) were revised last year with global public consultation. The criteria were first developed through a stakeholder consultation process leading to their initial publication (Version 1.0) on 1st November 2013. In 2018 the first revision of the GSTC-D began. The

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