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The Surprising Value of Geoparks

All around Canada’s northern Georgian Bay, an intriguing proposal is stirring both local and international interest. Tony Pigott, a retired J. Walter Thompson executive, is leading an effort called then “Aspiring Georgian Bay Geopark,” aiming for the coveted UNESCO geopark designation. But what is a geopark and how can it

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Resurrected Matera Faces Overtourism

Inviting Hollywood into your home can backfire badly. Often, a roaring success on the screen may cause instant, irreversible collateral damage to the destination, its culture and citizens. Arild Molstad explores the too-much, too-fast story of Italy’s ancient, now-restored town of Matera.   Once Called “the Shame of Italy,” Matera Grapples with

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Doing It Better: Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Herewith the second of our profiles of destination organizations that at least partially meet the GSTC-D criterion for holistic destination management. In this post: Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, which is adopting a multisector, high-tech “Intelligent Destination” approach.

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Americans, Get to Know World Heritage

“UNESCO World Heritage site” is one of the best-known labels in the world—a tourist magnet—except in the United States. Many Americans know nothing of the worldwide program they helped found 40 years ago, nor that the U.S. has 21 World Heritage sites itself. (Update: See post on the Dec. 3,

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