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Contrasting Tourism Landscapes in Karnataka, India

The pandemic exposed the dangers of ‘tourism monocultures’ – dependence on one product only – versus a more holistic approach to tourism fare. Gayathri Hegde has been researching the differing tourism experiences of Dandeli and Joida, neighboring towns in Karnataka, southwestern India. River Rafting Alone Does Not a Destination Make

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Once Overrun, Dubrovnik Plans for Sustainability

Dubrovnik, Croatia, a UNESCO World Heritage city, is known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic Sea’, its historic city center surrounded by original medieval stone walls – and until recently, thronged with cruise ship passengers. In 2017, that began to change. The following before-and-after story has been provided by the Mayor’s

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Jonathan Tourtellot

Just Out: the Autumn Destination Stewardship Report

How can destinations plan better for a post-Covid recovery? What have we learned about tourism during the ongoing crisis? The Autumn edition of the GSTC/DSC-sponsored Destination Stewardship Report addresses both those questions with examples and practical guidance:

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What To Do About Overcrowded Destinations

Salli Felton, CEO of The Travel Foundation in the U.K., shows how mass tourism can get out of hand. There’s a solution, she says: Measure success in terms of impacts, not arrivals. The tools for doing so already exist. But does the will to use them?

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Guyana’s Make or Break Moment for Tourism

A development bank’s well-intentioned report maps out a “critical path” for growing Guyana tourism, but—as is often the case with such plans—fails to lay out the critical stewardship practices needed to protect what tourists would come to experience, as well as a way of life that locals may wish to retain.

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