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How to CARE for a Place: Lessons from Cape Cod

Creating a philanthropic stewardship organization for Cape Cod was no easy task. Four years and 15 grant projects later, the director of CARE for the Cape and Islands can point to successes, as well as tips on obstacles and opportunities for civic leaders in other destinations.

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Two Billion Footprints: Good News Or Not?

The upbeat theme for World Tourism Day – “One billion tourists, one billion opportunities” – does, however, raise questions of carrying capacity and quality of the travel experience. Places are getting crowded, as the late Yogi Berra understood. It’s time to move the emphasis from quantity to quality.

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9 Tough Lessons from SE Europe

Managing tourists at popular World Heritage sites has long been a focus for Englebert Ruoss, who formerly headed up the UNESCO office in Venice and has now launched a sustainable-destinations initiative called Global Regions. Its new 164-pp publication is SUSTAINABLE TOURISM AS DRIVING FORCE FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE SITES DEVELOPMENT –

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New Challenge for Grand Canyon

A new Arizona Republic report summarizes the various development pressures affecting the Grand Canyon. While much of the canyon remains a magnificent wilderness, even those areas can suffer from noise and light pollution. Now plans for an extensive resort development in the gateway town of Tusayan threaten the canyon water

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Bad resorts, good reserves

Three bits of encouraging news in one week. Mexico kills a bad resort plan on the Sea of Cortez. It helps when your president likes coral reefs. Calderon’s attitude jibes with numerous anecdotes about the value of introducing political leaders to the endemic assets of their jurisdictions. Washington Post. Abaco

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