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Contrasting Tourism Landscapes in Karnataka, India

The pandemic exposed the dangers of ‘tourism monocultures’ – dependence on one product only – versus a more holistic approach to tourism fare. Gayathri Hegde has been researching the differing tourism experiences of Dandeli and Joida, neighboring towns in Karnataka, southwestern India. River Rafting Alone Does Not a Destination Make

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Doing It Better: Sedona, Arizona

Prompted by a restive citizenry and a responsive city council, the DMO for the city of Sedona, in Arizona’s popular Red Rock country, now acts in effect as a destination stewardship council. That’s unusual. For part of our ongoing project to profile places with effective, holistic management, Sarah-Jane Johnson takes a deep dive into Sedona’s story. This is the sixth in the Destination Stewardship Center’s profiles of exemplary places with collaborative destination management in the spirit of GSTC’s Destination Criterion A1.

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Even in Norway, Innkeepers Have Struggled

[Above: Aurland Fjord from a mountain farm. Photos by Montag, unless otherwise noted.] In the time of Covid, small lodges have flirted with failure, even in the fjords of oil-rich Norway. Arild Molstad reports on one couple who – “showing true viking spirit and eco-courage” – believe they can beat the odds

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Grassroots Geotourism

A restaurant owner in southwestern Missouri demonstrates why the key to a successful geotourism project in the countryside is a local champion willing to be the catalyst for change. A university geotourism class helps, too.

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Guyana’s Make or Break Moment for Tourism

A development bank’s well-intentioned report maps out a “critical path” for growing Guyana tourism, but—as is often the case with such plans—fails to lay out the critical stewardship practices needed to protect what tourists would come to experience, as well as a way of life that locals may wish to retain.

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How To Handle Voluntourism

Eugene Kim reports on the status and opportunities of voluntourism and experteering, for both travelers and the communities they would help. Key recommendation: It has to be done properly.

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One Way to Support Paris

Do you want to help bereaved Paris? If you were planning a trip to Paris, don’t cancel it. If you were thinking of a trip to Paris, do it. Terrorists hope to damage national economies by scaring away tourists—Egypt knows this!—and media coverage by its very nature can inflate perceived

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Tourism Conflict in the Galápagos

A squabble over gift-shop tourist dollars on Santa Cruz island, Galápagos, is now threatening the renowned, if often troubled, Charles Darwin Research Station and its conservation work. Could better destination stewardship have avoided this?

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Borrego Springs, CA Establishes Stewardship Council

Geotourism comes to the southern California desert. In collaboration with the surrounding Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the community of Borrego Springs has adopted a mission statement and geotourism charter and established a stewardship council to guide development.

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