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19 Lessons from 41 World Heritage Sites

A 2016 travel fling to 41 World Heritage sites inspires admiration and respect for the renowned UNESCO-administered program, but also disappointment and frustration with a bureaucratic, underfunded system. Remedies exist, says Swen Lorenz, himself a World-Heritage-site veteran.

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What To Do About Overcrowded Destinations

Salli Felton, CEO of The Travel Foundation in the U.K., shows how mass tourism can get out of hand. There’s a solution, she says: Measure success in terms of impacts, not arrivals. The tools for doing so already exist. But does the will to use them?

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Two Billion Footprints: Good News Or Not?

The upbeat theme for World Tourism Day – “One billion tourists, one billion opportunities” – does, however, raise questions of carrying capacity and quality of the travel experience. Places are getting crowded, as the late Yogi Berra understood. It’s time to move the emphasis from quantity to quality.

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New Tsunami Hits Phuket: Mass Tourism

Facing congestion in Phuket, whether at the airport, on the roads or on beaches has long been a familiar phenomenon. What is different is that the congestion is mostly caused by the onslaught of mass tourism from Russia and China.

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