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A Revealing Ocean View of Tourism

A “High Level” international Ocean Panel has come out with a blunt change-your-ways-or-else report aimed at the customary models for coastal and marine tourism. Norwegian journalist and consultant-participant Arild Molstad sums up the content and opines about its implications for any destination with a port and a coast. A powerful

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Resurrected Matera Faces Overtourism

Inviting Hollywood into your home can backfire badly. Often, a roaring success on the screen may cause instant, irreversible collateral damage to the destination, its culture and citizens. Arild Molstad explores the too-much, too-fast story of Italy’s ancient, now-restored town of Matera.   Once Called “the Shame of Italy,” Matera Grapples with

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Even in Norway, Innkeepers Have Struggled

[Above: Aurland Fjord from a mountain farm. Photos by Montag, unless otherwise noted.] In the time of Covid, small lodges have flirted with failure, even in the fjords of oil-rich Norway. Arild Molstad reports on one couple who – “showing true viking spirit and eco-courage” – believe they can beat the odds

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Arild Molstad

Norway Adopts a “Roadmap” to Sustainable Tourism

Our associate Arild Molstad is working for Norway to adopt this strategy on a national level, in which case it could well become a model for other countries. We post his executive summary and a pdf of the entire Sustainable Travel and Tourism Roadmap for Norway.

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