About Kit Carstens

Philanthropic-investing consultant.

The three ways I can help:

A.  PROFIT is sometimes thought of as a 4 letter word to the Sustainable industry, but without it, there are no donations to “the cause” and failed Perfect facilities do not provide benefits to anyone. (It also sets the effort back by showing the world only non-sustainable projects survive.)
I bring to the table a skill set that includes the right mix of passion and practicality with the ultimate goal of having a financially successful development as a model for other potential efforts. These must include as many elements we all seek as possible, but remembering that “perfection is the enemy of good” !!

B.  THE LINK.  It is critical for someone to provide a communication link between the sustainable industry and the potential developer.  The always present budget constraints will put stress on that relationship.  It is critical to have someone who can speak both “languages” and find common ground for both parties.
I have spent a lifetime mediating between parties with the same goals, but totally different methods to achieve those goals.

C.  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.  One small project will not often survive on its own. There MUST be a community effort to promote that project and all the related projects that make up a successful geotourism destination.
I have spent over 30 years founding and developing EDC’s locally and overseas and understand the needs necessary to develop this community effort.

Please read my post, Nurturing Boutique in a Chain World.

To consult with Kit, contact us.

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