About Irene Lane

Irene Lane works on destination stewardship and sustainable tourism, supported by a background in international finance. In particular, she can bring to bear her Return on Investment (ROI) Financial Model for Sustainability. She has developed this tool for tourism company owners and regional tourism boards that are interested in obtaining eco-certification and understanding its financial value. The ROI model takes into account costs/savings/incremental revenues from operational, customer, employee, and community vantage points of sustainability. She is also the only person in the United States who can certify a green travel destination under the internationally-accredited Biosphere certification.

Ms. Lane is a green travel expert who has written and spoken extensively about eco-certifications and how travelers can choose vacations that support communities socially, economically and environmentally. She is a featured writer for the Huffington Post and her blog articles and short pieces also have been published in other media outlets. She is the founder of Greenloons, which provides sustainable travel tips as well as a carefully curated collection of green travel experiences.  Prior to Greenloons, Irene was an IT Solutions Manager at eBay focusing on Customer Support programs and an IT Manager at KPMG Consulting where she was responsible for delivering multi-million dollar client enterprise sales and services for private sector high-tech and federal government clients.

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