Cape Cod: “C” and Holding


Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse Photo Credit: Mark Hatchski

Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse. Photo: Mark Hatchski

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Recent stewardship news on Cape Cod:

Why this grade in 2009? Representative panelist comments from the National Geographic stewardship survey World Iconic Destinations:

“Some parts are beautiful and well managed, but the car-intensive nature of the Cape diminishes the quality in many areas. More bike trails and public transit would help.”

“The National Park Service seems to be doing a very good job balancing tourism with preservation of the dunes on the eastern end of Cape Cod.”

“The ‘authentic’ Cape Cod cultural experience is being slowly worn away by the ubiquitous homogenization of the retail experience. Shoreline ecology remains intact and healthy.”

“Best enjoyed spring and fall before summer crowds, which can be overwhelming, arrive—especially when trying to cross either of the two bridges. Popularity has led to too many gift shops and too much of the miniature-golf, go-cart sort of entertainment.

Local destination stewardship groups:

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