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Livingstone, Zambia Creates a ‘Forest of Faces’

Just 10km away from Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Livingstone relies on tourism for its main economic activity. However, the town of Victoria Falls across the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe had been getting most of the tourism traffic. So how does Livingstone draw those people back in?

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GSTC’s Crucial Criterion A1

? Destination Stewardship Report – Summer 2020 ? Its Importance by Randy Durband, CEO, GSTC The GSTC Destination Criteria have well proven their value as guides to good destination stewardship. GSTC has chosen not to provide weighting to specific criteria, preferring to present a holistic system. Yet, it is natural to

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Western Balkans—Tourism on the Cusp

VIDEO – Our expedition to the Balkan Adriatic shows what tourism should do—and not do. The rugged coastal regions including Albania and Montenegro have sustainability lessons the world should heed.

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Borrego Springs, CA Establishes Stewardship Council

Geotourism comes to the southern California desert. In collaboration with the surrounding Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the community of Borrego Springs has adopted a mission statement and geotourism charter and established a stewardship council to guide development.

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News from the Alaska Geotourism Initiative

This university-led program addresses the challenge of attracting tourists to communities largely bypassed by charter flights, tour buses, and cruise passengers. Another project highlights cross cultural tourism, featuring the legacy of a 19th-century Japanese pioneer in Alaska. Geotourism courses are also in process.

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Statewide Collaboration: “Alaska Geotourism”

The Alaska Geotourism initiative is a collaboration convened by University of Alaska faculty and program specialists and involves rural tourism business and community leaders focused on identifying viable rural economic development management strategies that maximize beneficial tourism for their communities and seek to further good destination stewardship. Another purpose is

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Sierra Nevada Geotourism Innovations

Lake Tahoe Geotourism Festival Sept 8-9, 2012: That icon of the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe, is long on beauty but has become a bit short on character over recent decades, providing a travel experience dominated by generic ski resorts and Nevada-side casinos. But Tahoe does have character, plenty of it,

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Geotourism Approach

The holistic geotourism approach, introduced in 2002, was designed to maximize tourism benefits for a destination community, minimize negative impacts, and build a responsible tourism strategy that celebrates and builds on sense of place. Here’s the definition of geotourism put forth by National Geographic (coined internally in 1997) and the

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