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September Update, 2023

Sept. update includes the latest Destination Stewardship Report, Future of Tourism Coalition activities, a field report, “destination stewardship” on the rise, and a new DSC website pending.

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Jonathan Tourtellot

“Future of Tourism Coalition” Launches Today

As tourism moves forward and begins to recover from the Covid-19 global pandemic, a new nonprofit coalition urges the world to re-center around a strong set of principles, vital for long term sustainable and equitable growth. Decades of unfettered growth in travel have put the world’s treasured places at risk – environmentally, culturally, socially, and financially. “Now is the chance to rebalance,” say Coalition leaders.

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Best Wishes for 2018

…from the Destination Stewardship Center. Keep an eye out for news on the January release of our first “World’s Inspiring Places” video, on further developments in the battle to control “overtourism,“ on exemplary stewardship councils, and on a new initiative to measure destination stewardship, as well as our continuing news

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Video Your Success Story

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Destination Stewardship Center is launching a new video tool for helping you show and distribute your stewardship success stories across multimedia platforms for travelers, practitioners, and the general public. What’s more, we’ll help line up the funding to do it. Video is increasingly essential.

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News from the Alaska Geotourism Initiative

This university-led program addresses the challenge of attracting tourists to communities largely bypassed by charter flights, tour buses, and cruise passengers. Another project highlights cross cultural tourism, featuring the legacy of a 19th-century Japanese pioneer in Alaska. Geotourism courses are also in process.

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