Doing It Better: Crown of the Continent

This border-straddling North American destination council relies on three strengths – a robust local network, core sustainability principles, and a global brand affiliation. See the third of our profiles on destinations with innovative approaches to holistic management as prescribed by GSTC-D Criterion A1 and the National Geographic Geotourism Principles. Continue reading

“Future of Tourism Coalition” Launches Today

As tourism moves forward and begins to recover from the Covid-19 global pandemic, a new nonprofit coalition urges the world to re-center around a strong set of principles, vital for long term sustainable and equitable growth. Decades of unfettered growth in travel have put the world’s treasured places at risk – environmentally, culturally, socially, and financially. “Now is the chance to rebalance,” say Coalition leaders. Continue reading

Doing It Better: Thompson Okanagan, B.C.

We offer the first of our profiles of destination organizations that at least partially meet GSTC destination criterion A2 for holistic destination management. In this post: the Thompson-Okanagan Tourism Association, B.C., which has burst out of the usual DMO mold to embrace sustainability and extensive community involvement. Continue reading