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National Geographic Geotourism MapGuides

These projects are done in collaboration between a local Geotourism Stewardship Council and the National Geographic Maps division, with content contributions from the community: “Travel information from the people who live here!” The co-branded products include Geotourism MapGuides and  websites using the GeoConsensus content management system developed and maintained by Old Town Creative. Destinations have the option of website and print versions, including insertions in National Geographic Traveler magazine or other National Geographic publications. Map entries should be compatible with the geotourism definition.  Apps are in development.

These geotourism projects assist in projecting an accurate and detailed inventory of tourism attractions and activities in the area. Each product is developed in partnership with participating members of the local community in order to:

  • Create markets for sustainable tourism choices to foreign and domestic tourists
  • Increase local incomes
  • Build local knowledge and pride
  • Produce economic incentives for the conservation and preservation of geotourism assets

This approach will help local residents learn about their significant tourism resources, stimulate local business growth through increased tourism, and work in synergy with local tourism promotional efforts to effectively market and position the destination.

The first step is to convene a Geotourism Stewardship Council—a public-private ad hoc committee to supervise the process.

For information on launching a MapGuide project, please send us a message.

Geotourism MapGuide websites

Note—Many of these destination website are moving to a new platform, listed at .

Greater Yellowstone, WY, MT, ID
Sierra Nevada, CA (also offers a mobile app, “Sierra MapGuide,” for iPhone or Droid, and the annual geotourism festival Tahoe Expo)
Four Corners, NM, AZ, UT, CO
Central Cascades, OR-WA
Redwood Coast, northern CA
Northeast Kingdom, VT
East Tennessee River Valley (also offers a mobile app)
U.S. Gulf Coast States Geotourism
In development: Mississippi Valley
In development: Sedona Verde Valley, Arizona
In development: Delaware River Valley

North American Trans-border
Crown of the Continent, Waterton-Glacier NP and surrounding region, MT-BC-AB
Lakes to Locks, Champlain-Upper Hudson region, NY-QC
Sonora Desert, AZ (USA)-Sonora (Mex.) Completed. Arizona offers a download of the print map on its Arizona Origins page.
Heart of the Continent, Minnesota-Ontario border lakes region

Eastern Newfoundland, Canada
Douro Valley
, Portugal
Western Balkans
Central America for Bocas del Toro, Panama  and Roatán, Honduras
Out Islands of the Bahamas
Colombian Caribbean San Andrés and Providencia (Old Providence)
Eastern Sri Lanka (in process)

Other Geotourism MapGuide projects completed

Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru
Appalachia, U.S.A.
Montreal, Quebec
Suwannee River, Florida

National Geographic lists its active Geotourism MapGuide projects here.

Printed Maps

For a destination, creating an online map is economical, but only printed maps can be inserted into National Geographic magazines. NG rate fees depend on distribution and size of map. For more information on launching a printed-map project, please  send us a message.

If you simply want to obtain a Nat Geo map, you can purchase one at . Use the Search tool to find a specific title. Not all are in print.




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