Destination Stewardship Report – Summer 2021

The Q3 Summer Destination Stewardship Report was emailed 13 July 2021.

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Summer 2021 feature stories are:

  • Palau: A Conservation Culture
  • Localizing a Vermont Tour
  • Doing It Better: Pennsylvania Wilds, USA
  • Chelenko Opts for Sustainability
  • Human Encounters
  • Resources for Tourism Recovery
  • Webinar reports:
    • Overtourism’s Lessons for Tomorrow
    • Metrics and Supply Chains
  • Plus Announcements and Webinars, Publications, and recent selections from  the Destination Monitor

Check out the Q3 Summer issue here for links to the individual stories. And consider contributing a story yourself. Just contact us with your idea.

About Jonathan Tourtellot

CEO, Destination Stewardship Center; Editor, Destination Stewardship Report; Principal, Focus on Places LLC; founding Director, former Nat Geo Center for Sustainable Destinations