Author: Jonathan Tourtellot

Best Wishes for 2018

…from the Destination Stewardship Center. Keep an eye out for news on the January release of our first “World’s Inspiring Places” video, on further developments in the battle to control “overtourism,“ on exemplary stewardship councils, and on a new initiative to measure destination stewardship, as well as our continuing news

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Video Your Success Story

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Destination Stewardship Center is launching a new video tool for helping you show and distribute your stewardship success stories across multimedia platforms for travelers, practitioners, and the general public. What’s more, we’ll help line up the funding to do it. Video is increasingly essential.

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Don’t Trump Slovenia

Melania Trump’s homeland is seen as being an authentic, green, and charming destination. What if Trump himself should show up on a state visit? His tourism-development style defies all that has made Slovenia successful.

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One Way to Support Paris

Do you want to help bereaved Paris? If you were planning a trip to Paris, don’t cancel it. If you were thinking of a trip to Paris, do it. Terrorists hope to damage national economies by scaring away tourists—Egypt knows this!—and media coverage by its very nature can inflate perceived

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Two Billion Footprints: Good News Or Not?

The upbeat theme for World Tourism Day – “One billion tourists, one billion opportunities” – does, however, raise questions of carrying capacity and quality of the travel experience. Places are getting crowded, as the late Yogi Berra understood. It’s time to move the emphasis from quantity to quality.

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Tourism Conflict in the Galápagos

A squabble over gift-shop tourist dollars on Santa Cruz island, Galápagos, is now threatening the renowned, if often troubled, Charles Darwin Research Station and its conservation work. Could better destination stewardship have avoided this?

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Casinos: A Bad Bet

Any destination that’s flirting with gambling should heed the collapsing casinos of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and beware.

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