Statewide Collaboration: “Alaska Geotourism”

The Alaska Geotourism initiative is a collaboration convened by University of Alaska faculty and program specialists and involves rural tourism business and community leaders focused on identifying viable rural economic development management strategies that maximize beneficial tourism for their communities and seek to further good destination stewardship. Another purpose is to provide a source of information to re-introduce remote rural Alaska to the US and International Geotourism communities. See Alaska Geotourism Charter.

Alaska Geotourism is a geotourism initiative, which is a statewide rural tourism collaboration that is now undertaking discussions to identify and promote projects currently underway as well as identify future collaborative endeavours.

Geotourism is very much a theme that is currently ongoing in several rural Alaskan communities well before the formal organization of Alaska’s geotourism efforts. Future Alaska Geotourism endeavors look to several Alaska communities to provide models for other Alaska communities interested in the geotourism approach. These pioneering communities are: the city of Craig, located on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska ; Seward, located on the shores of Prince William Sound at mile “0” of the Iditarod Trail ; and communities in southwest Alaska.

Alaska Geotourism is looking at strategies to promote rural Alaska for those regions/villages that see Geotourism as a viable approach to maintain community health and community viability.

For more information, contact: Alaska Geotourism project co-chair Corey Hester via

6 thoughts on “Statewide Collaboration: “Alaska Geotourism”

  1. It should have come to Alaska much sooner. it is the most suitable idea to Alaska. Big Nature and First People’s culture are Great Property of the Last Frontier. I believe the concept of Geotourism can make the most of the diversity of Alaska.

  2. This is an idea that is important to tourism for the future of Alaska. The name I chose for my company is indicative of how we represent the idea of Geotourism. Currently, tourism is primarily in the hands of big business with cruise companies buying up hotels and businesses that offer activities that only become available to people if they pay to take a cruise. Alaska Our Way is geared to work against that trend, marketing to people who want to visit Alaska at any time of the year, and to those who want to go where the cruise companies have not penetrated. The Alaska that I love is not found by standing in line to get on a bus.

  3. It’s so great to see the many opportunities that Alaska has to offer being utilized!! Capitalizing on Alaska’s growing Geotourism industry due to the high demand of this rich and cultural experience provides for an authentic and unique experience for tourists all over the world. It’s great that Alaska is finally meeting the needs of thousands of travelers all over the world. The future of Geotourism in Alaska is incredibly promising.

  4. As a life-long Alaskan I really like this idea of geotourism being introduced to rural communities. Its definition is, “sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place and its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents”. My observation is that the majority of tourism takes place in SE Alaska as mentioned above, neglecting the experience of rural communities throughout the rest of Alaska (I am assuming because of accessibility). I think its great that there is an effort in this spectrum, and seems like it could be rewarding to all of Alaska in the long run.

  5. Geotourism is the future of Alaska tourism for connecting its rural and urban communities. Alaska has a vast resource of opportunities in the rural villages to bring tourists of all kinds to experience the true Alaska. Geotourism will bring travelers from all over the world, which is the true calling for the next generation of travelers to Alaska.

  6. I am retired so I have lots of free time. This type of specialized tour appeals to me because I can see places that the cruise lines don’t cover. Plus the group will be a lot smaller. Great idea for Alaska.

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