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Here’s how contribute blog posts in your name, with links to your URL. You can either submit by sending us a message, or you can register and submit your contribution directly. Either way, we will review and post it if it complies with the guidelines below.

Blogging guidelines:

Commentary We advise submitting brief thought pieces (400-800 words) on any topic that shows off your wisdom and perspective re destination stewardship, sustainable tourism development, or geotourism, including lessons learned in the course of your work. Your reader is anyone who seriously cares about better destination stewardship.

  • The tone should be informative and thought-provoking.
  • Don’t be promotional—no ads!—but do be sure to include a hotlink to your website.
  • An eye-grabbing photo or video always helps.
  • Be sure your post somehow touches on the interaction between destination stewardship and tourism.

In other words, if you’re writing about tourism, be sure to include destination implications. Same for the reverse: If your post is about historic restoration or wetlands protection, be sure to include the pertinence for tourism. You’re writing for the people who are trying to help take are of their places and manage tourism better.
It’s fine to adapt or repurpose posts you have previously placed elsewhere, provided you acknowledge the source and respect copyright.

Destination reports We encourage news reports from the field on developments affecting destination stewardship:

  • New threats to the landscape, culture, or natural habitats,
    or, on the other hand,
  • New beneficial or innovative uses of tourism that may help protect those same assets.

Blow-by-blow political or legal reporting is not needed, just the main points about threats, opportunities, and outcomes.

Geotourism posts Use these to share lessons learned, how-to tips, problems overcome (or not), and ideas for further development and adoption of the geotourism approach. Discuss and comment on others.

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Do you want a listing under Resources? Send us your directory blurb, and identify which directory(ies) your entry belongs in. Your blurb need be only a sentence or so. Look at any of the examples under the Resources tab. Make sure people understand what you can do for them. Avoid puffery and empty adjectives. Your work must have some connection to destination stewardship or bear on the geotourism approach.

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