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During initial development, this website (see Welcome) is sponsored by Focus on Places LLC and CSD founder Jonathan Tourtellot, who serves as portal editor for the time being. If we succeed in our mission, it will be because you, the participants, grow the website and its activities into a self-sustaining entity. Make it your own. We want to build a nonprofit organization serving everyone who works where tourism intersects with destination quality. We are open to mission-compatible proposals for partnering, sponsorship, or cooperative ventures.

If you are interested in tourism’s impact on conservation, preservation, and enhancement of places, then you can help destinations manage tourism so as to do the most good and the least harm. We invite participation by interested practitioners, civic leaders, sponsors, residents, and travelers. Join in and play a role—with blogging, business development, sponsorships, social media and WordPress techniques, content development, online tools, and networking.

To contribute blogs, obtain a listing, or to help develop and support this website, please send us a message via our contact form. Internships are available on a limited basis, especially for WordPress-literate candidates.

For more information on its progenitor, National Geographic’s CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DESTINATIONS, and on the geotourism approach, see Center for Sustainable Destinations. The Destination Stewardship Center cooperates with the National Geographic Society but is organizationally and financially independent.